Everyone who funds the magazine will have their name printed inside.

Thank you for supporting our mission of - No ads, just nice pages.


We have a mission, which sounds kind of weird to say but hear us out.

Imagine we can create an unfiltered space where BMX photography, art and graphic design all mix together, yet there are no adverts to disturb the experience.

Because we choose that experience, it is then dependant on the funding of friends, organisations and individuals. Your donation to Silent goes direct towards keeping the retail cost lower, which in turn makes the magazine more accessible. It also helps to pay the contributors, so they can keep on making amazing things.

Updated March 2022


Jason Ivey


Rebecca Torres
Owen Rogers

$25 - $99

Zephyr Wadkins
Andre ZeissJabe Jones
Georg Hattwich
Jasper Clarke
Daisuke (MOTO-BUNKA)
Justin Benthien
Nick Benson
Evan Moss
Monica Lori Janney
David Schaller
Faris Sanchez
Doriana Sanchez

Up to $24

Tomotaka Yutani
DJ Zaren
Daniel Fuhrmann
Ross Albreski
David Leviatan
Russell Blake
Lynn Sable
Nathalie Vadim
David Chapman
Steven Reuther
Max Cantor
Tom Drake
John Gotz
Jonathan Reed
Toby Glendale
Alex Ryer
Leo Bruckmüller
Linda Grabner